Local Market Assessments

Foreign investment in U.S. real estate is occurring in commercial and residential sectors, in every state, in markets of all sizes. The steady increase in global real estate transactions in the U.S. shows that it's a growing market, not just a passing trend.

The key to finding global business, even in unexpected areas, begins with adopting a global mindset. NAR has prepared state-level case studies to help you identify and cultivate global niches. You don't have to live in these states to benefit from this research. Much of what you'll discover here is paralleled in many other markets, and following the step-by-step processes discussed in these case studies will help you learn how to identify global opportunities in your area.

Tennessee: 2018

In an enviable position adjacent to the Mississippi River with access to over 1,100 miles of interstate highways, 7 foreign trade zones and government-provided incentives to attract international business to the state, the potential to build a global real estate business in Tennessee is as grand as the river and mountains within it!

Region XI: 2017 

In this assessment of local markets, we have prepared case studies examining six states—Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Across the region you’ll witness a unique array of characteristics that continue to spark global interest in each state. 

Nevada: 2016

Despite having more mountain ranges and less rainfall than any other state, Nevada is anything but destitute of opportunity. Read why low levels of government interference and favorable tax conditions continue to attract global business.

Missouri: 2016

Although Missouri sits directly in the center of the U.S., it’s teaming with business and residents from around the world. Aside from being one of the most tax friendly states, low business costs, high work ethic and even its central location make it rich in global influence and opportunity. 

North Dakota/New Mexico/Virginia: 2015

From oil fields in North Dakota, to strong cultural diversity in New Mexico, to the highly skilled and government immigrants in Virginia, these three states are brimming with global opportunities.

Utah/Arkansas/North Carolina: 2014

Though not usually top-of-mind when considering international business opportunities, each of these states is strengthening their position in the global arena. Find out how they are bringing international business home in the case study.

Alabama/Colorado/Kentucky: 2013

In our first case study, we set out to learn what global business activities were taking place in three "unlikely" markets—Colorado, Alabama, and Kentucky. The case study reveals significant international investment in those states. 

Compare with 2010 case study for Alabama/Colorado/Kentucky.

Washington/Georgia/Ohio: 2013

Though you may not expect it, the states of Washington, Georgia, and Ohio are producing significant global business. Find out how their natural affinities for global business can result in business opportunities for you, whether you practice commercial or residential real estate.


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