Real Estate Office Policy Manuals

Overview Statement

Quick Takeaways

  • Include your company's mission statement
  • State any legal declarations
  • Include department-specific policies

Source: Creating an Employee Handbook (Indeed, Dec. 3, 2021)

Get real estate-specific ideas for policy manuals.  Sign in to the REALTOR® Store to purchase the Sample Employee Manual Download for the member price.

Computerworld suggests your tear up your remote work policy and begin again. Find sample language to include in your handbook, courtesy of HR Specialist: Employment Law.

The Balance and Indeed provide more information on essentials for your policy manual.

Read examples of highly-rated employee handbooks from Nordstrom, Netflix, HubSpot and several more companies. Access a free template and get ideas what you should include in your handbook.  Important areas to cover include terms of employment, remote and hybrid work policies, ethics, code of conduct and social media.

See References for more information.

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