Working With Younger Buyers

Quick Takeaways

  • Have a mobile-friendly website to attract younger buyers
  • Millennials prefer texts to emails and phone calls
  • Emphasize the neighborhood along with the home

Source: Millennials Remain an Attractive Market for Real Estate Agents (Reminder Media, Jun. 30, 2021)

Do generations really matter? It’s a complicated question, reports Popular Science. Discover the characteristic of different generations—Millennials, Gen X, Y and Z.

Millennial home buyers are getting extra help in Boston. Homeownership is important to Gen Zs—they are getting married, saving for and buying houses. Some Millennials are not ready to buy a home or understand the financial requirements to buy a home.

Student loan debt has impacted purchasing a house. Millennials are changing the housing market—preferring text over phone calls, used to doing their own research and prize energy efficiency and outdoor spaces.

Younger buyers are looking for wellness elements of their homes, such as walkability and sustainability. Smart homes, flex spaces, and newly built turn-key homes are also important to these home buyers.

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